About Us

Vantage Films Production Inc. is a production house, established by an eminent drama and film producer, Mr. Asim Ali, with decades of significant experience in the film and drama making industry of Pakistan. Mr. Asim Ali has the privilege of working on shoots within the country along with international shooting experience.

We at Vantage Films Production Inc. aim to produce meaningful drama serials, films, documentaries reality shows, with significant messages and lessons for our viewers. Through our work we want to develop a thoughtful and empathetic society, by providing food for thought for our viewers, by touching upon issues that are most crucial and often ignored or left untouched including, third world poverty, education, traffic, religion, women rights and so on.

We believe that the Media industry is more than just entertainment. It is a highly effective education system as well as a collective brain of the society. We believe in educating this brain and create awareness about each and every issue along with our role as a society to resolve them.

We also believe that we are all one body and if a body part is rotting or left unattended, how can the whole body be happy or beautiful. We have to grow together in order to achieve the true happiness.

Being a strong believer and practitioner of positive mindset, who believes in growing together and producing leaders, Vantage Films Production Inc. have also come up with an unique ‘On the Spot teaching’ program. It is an unbiased opportunity for individuals to experience and learn from on the spot film making and shoots, live, by being part of our weekly program.

Our Vision

Help the global film industry grow into new dimensions.

Our Mission

To transfer great & effective ideas to life


  • Empathy
  • Ethics
  • Unity
  • Quality
  • Positivity

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