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Asim Ali grew up in HyderabadSindhPakistan. He did his bachelors of Commerce from Sindh University. He starred his acting career at the age of 22 however he didn’t got any fame in this field and he decide to try his luck in production, as an assistant director. After 2 year of working as an assistance director, he started his career as a director. Asim Ali directed and produced his first drama under the name of yehi khwab yehi tamanye it was Air on PTV channel.

Asim Ali was inspired by his uncle, Syed Mohsin Ali who was a famous PTV Director. After Mohsin Ali, Asim Ali continued the legacy of becoming a director in his family. Asim’s elder brother syed atif ali is also a well known writer and director. His younger brother syed Imran ali is also a director in Pakistan. 

Asim Ali is a Pakistani-Canadian director who is a 19 year veteran of the industry, with a prolific career as Director/Producer of gritty, hard-hitting short-films and TV-serials and series for Pakistani and South Asian Television which has earned both critical and commercial success. Now Asim Ali is running a production company with a name of vantage Films productions inc