On Spot Teaching

Choose your Destiny:

Every step you take, brings you closer to your dream. Your dream is a reality. Your ability to walk towards your dream is magic. Experience the magic. Make every moment a colorful memory.

When you are in action towards your dream, it’s not a job. It’s an adventure. It’s a path full of love and joy. Every step is full of pleasure every fall becomes giggles for the future.

On Spot Teaching:

We understand that the practical world is very different from the theoretical world and many find themselves lost after college, unable to walk at the pace of practical life, unable to understand the traps of real life experiences. And unable to find the necessary skills in themselves, many turn back on their dreams and find their selves and their dreams lost, sending them in the realms of unhappiness.

We know the value of dreams and for your dreams to come true, we have created a special journey, full of real experience and joy. Preparing you to direct and shoot your own dreams. We promise to work with you and help you find your skills (the fine skill of cinematography and lights, to work perfectly, towards our desired outcome).

Every shoot requires:

  • Proper direction
  • Camera handling
  • Stunts management
  • Costume and props supervision
  • Venue selection
  • Casting
  • Budgeting
  • Etc

As a film making student you may have had many opportunities of making your own short films or organizing your own shoots, but what we offer you here is a full package, a real life experience, producing for a larger audience, working among experienced and professional team members.

Your dream is our dream. And we don’t only say it we have put it in action. We know we are making history and a colorful future together. It’s never been before that media students had been offered such an opportunity to join real shoots and earn experience and exposure to cinematography, direction, lights and innovative and new camera tricks and other features of filmmaking and documentary, along with experimenting with their fresh ideas and innovation and creativity and experiencing the awe factor of watching your magic take a tangible shape.

Our methodology:

In order to maximize the learning of individuals:

  • We prepare 2 batches every week
  • Each batch consisting of 8 participants (max)
  • Shoots will take place 6 days a week
    • First batch: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
    • Second batch: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
  • Post practical/shoot workshop to follow up, sharpen and strengthen the learning experience.

The motive behind the on-spot teaching is to help you and the global film industry to grow and let the young talent witness and be aware of technical difficulties that the crew faces during the shoots and also learn to rise above difficulties and problems and learn creative and spontaneous problem solving and decision making skills. It is also an excellent opportunity to be working with renowned and experienced, Pakistani Director, Mr. Asim Ali. His presence will provide you with an opportunity to question and get in depth understanding of situations and challenges, which will help eliminate any confusions you may have during the shoots.

Process of Enrolment & Selection:

  • Please fill out the online form, provided at the bottom of the page.
  • Due to large number of applications and limited seats per batch, we will be screening through each application is detail.
  • Applicants will go through evaluations.
  • Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted and provided with the opportunity.

Please don’t be disheartened. If you have a talent and a true desire, you will avail the opportunity. We have 2 batches every week. You will get the chance. Just make sure to benefit from the program as much as you can. These are not only 3 days but an opportunity to gather as much tools as possible for your dreams. This is a leap forward.

Wish you a successful and adventurous life ahead, full of your dreams turned into colorful reality.

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